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Julias Blog: The OC

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Christmas is Coming!!!

In case you are drawing a blank on to what to ask for this Holiday season...I thought I would suggest Seasons One and Two of The OC on DVD. (The Orange one is Season One and the blue, is Season Two.) Yep, Im a big dork and own them both already. If you are more a fan of the music featured on the show, both on stage at The Bait Shop and background music in different scenes, then check out The OC Mixes. There are now five different CDs you can buy featuring OC music! If you love the fashion sense of Marissa and Summer, then check out OC Fashion, and maybe get a new bag or dress for the holidays! Amazon.com even has a whole section of OC-style clothing. Everyone have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and GOOD LUCK ON FINALS!

Friday, November 18, 2005

I Guess This is Growing Up...

Im not in the mood for an all-out recap, and I bet you arent either. If you missed Thursdays episode, check out the recaps on FOXs website. This episode really had alot of people growing up and acting mature. Julie, Seth and Ryan all were mature and responsible in their own ways...

Basically, I think there are too many crazy people running around Orange County these days. Taylor Townsend is absolutely nuts, and I dont understand why she thinks ruining a relationship between Seth and Summer will make her any friends. If she just chilled out and didnt try to ruin lives for a minute, maybe people would like her.

Same with Charlotte. I wonder how long shes been a devious money-hungry shark. I am SO glad Julie did not follow through on the plan to rip of Kirsten. I know its just a TV show, but I really like Sandy and Kirsten and I dont like it when they have the drama happening to them. I wonder if Julie will face some retaliation from Charlotte because she backed out on the scam.

I am also glad Ryan and his fists of fury were under control for the whole episode. I guess hes really growing up and leaving his old ways behind...or so we can hope for now.

After Thanksgiving, the crew is going to start looking at colleges...the future of the show could depend on their decisions...I wonder what they will do...make everyone go to the same college, follow them to different colleges or keep them in high school far too long.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Locked in a Gym with Taylor Townsend?

I was supposed to tape The OC for my brother, and I did, but then I accidentally taped over it the next day, so this is for you, Daniel.

The show started off with Marissa waking up in a panic because she was having nightmares about Trey, and the night of the shooting last season. She called Ryan but he wasn’t as supportive as she had hoped, and in the morning when she talked to Summer about it all, Summer told Marissa “I’m here for you”, and that was all Marissa needed to hear. She only wished Ryan had said those same words.

Ryan is back at Harbor and the awesome Taylor Townsend organized a Lock-in for the senior class. Its mandatory, so all other events including Seth sawing his arm off (his excuse for not being able to attend the lock-in) will have to be put on hold.

Over at Newport Union, Marissa’s new friends are excited about the good surfing this weekend. They plan an all night party to prepare for the big waves. Marissa meets the boys down at the beach and wishes she knew how to surf when she sees how much fun they are having. Johnny and Marissa go for a walk and realize they have a lot to talk about. Johnny’s dad was an abusive drunk and they haven’t talked in a few years. Casey sees them talking and obviously assumes the worst case scenario.

Seth overhears Taylor Townsend and her mother fighting outside the school gym, and the mom is horribly rude, almost making me feel sorry for Taylor.

Julie and new roommate, Charlotte, decide a black tie charity event would put them back on the social map in Newport, so they start talking about it and approach Kirsten about getting her help. She doesn’t think she’s ready for the party scene again, but is convinced to do it anyway.

Johnny and Marissa are getting too close for Summer’s idea of friends, and calls Ryan to come out to the Dawn Patrol party. By the time he gets there, Johnny is spending time with Casey, his girlfriend, and Summer apologizes for over reacting. Johnny comes out of Chili’s room and catches Casey making out with his rival-surfer, Volchok, and Casey runs away.

Julie and Charlotte enjoy a nice dinner at a Newport restaurant and when its time to pay, Julie assumes the honor of paying with Charlotte’s credit card. She was surprised to find numerous drivers licenses and credit cards all with her face, but some had different names. She pays with cash then asks Charlotte “who the hell are you?” when she returns from her phone call.

Taylor gets boo-ed at the lock-in by her entire senior class, and Seth comes to her rescue by taking over the microphone. He still gets made fun of, and boo-ed but he can handle it. Taylor starts to like Seth, and says she can make sure his friends get signed in, even though they did not make it on time (Summer and Ryan are still at the Dawn Patrol party).

Johnny and Volchok almost fight on the beach, but Ryan steps in and don’t allow it. Instead he throws a punch and they are out of there. Johnny and Ryan go to the diner, and Marissa drives Summer to the Lock-in. Summer pounds on the door and Taylor is about to answer it, but when she realizes that locking out Summer, she gets Seth all to herself for the night, she decides to “not be able to hear” through the door.

I’m pretty sick of the fighting, but I’m sure there will be another fight next week with all those boys throwing punches over the girls. I am curious as to how the Taylor and Seth thing played out at that lock-in and I can’t wait to see what Julie and Charlotte do with their “charity” money.

Friday, November 04, 2005

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They're Baaack

So the little hiatus that Fox shows took due to Baseball Playoffs did some characters quite well. Kirsten learned to cook!

Ever since Natalia’s comment on Mischa Barton’s salary issues I have read a few different places that the cast is not as close to her as they used to be. Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson are still dating, and Benjamin McKenzie is friends with them off camera as well. Benjamin and Mischa dated at one point and now that may be one of the reasons they don’t hang out together off camera…but why does that have to cross over to the TV show?

I know going to a different school means she needs new friends and everything, but Marissa just doesn’t hang out with “the old gang” as much…is that because there is weird tension? I’ll be the first to admit it. I am a big OC Fan, but they are not all great actors and actresses. The last few episodes, you can barely tell Marissa and Ryan are dating because they don’t show much emotion.

Anyways, Ryan decided to drop out of school since everyone else in his family did, so he figures there is no point in trying to graduate. He told Marissa his decision, and her new friend Johnny was right there for her to talk to about it all. Johnny wants Marissa or something because he found Ryan at their usual hangout AKA the diner, and supported his decision to drop out of school. He even offered him a great-paying job on his uncle’s fishing boat that would take him out of Newport for weeks at a time. Was he really trying to help Ryan, or is this a deviant plan to get Marissa? I know he has a girlfriend, but come on, it’s The OC, and that means lots of drama.

Ryan needs to get a parental signature to allow him to work fulltime as a minor and Sandy signs the necessary forms. Kirsten did not agree with this and they both hoped Ryan would change his mind on his own.

Seth and Summer decided to take matters into their own hands. After Dean Hess made some remarks about Ryan not getting into any good colleges because of his “pathologically violent behavior” Summer decided getting Taylor in trouble was the only solution.

After stalking her in the student lounge and in the halls at school for a while, she told Taylor that she caught the dean with a gym teacher. She made it sound like he could be in serious trouble if she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit.

The College Fair consisted of Summer witnessing Taylor yelling at Dean Hess, Seth still not believing anything was going on between those two, and Sandy and Kirsten taking Ryan to a few tables to learn about colleges.

Kirsten tries to get Julie to look at a condo at Newport Point and convinces her that they are not for retired people, but for single, divorced executive types. Charlotte comes to Kirsten’s house and meets Julie briefly. She eyes the condo brochure and everyone knows she’s conjuring up a plan.

The following day both Julie and Charlotte go look at the condo separately and are surprised to bump into each other. Well, Julie was surprised, but the evil Charlotte planned it that way. An even bigger surprise was when Charlotte purchased the four bedroom beachfront property and put it in Julie’s name. She told Julie that she understood what its like to go through hard times and all she wanted in return was to use a spare room whenever she is in town, which shouldn’t be more than a few weeks a year.

Seth and Summer lure Taylor to the Mermaid Hotel and tell her that they will go public with her dean romance if she does not agree to help get Ryan reinstated at Harbor. “Taylor Trash” as Summer called her, did not want to have her reputation ruined, so she went along with them. Sandy went in to the Dean’s office and bluffed about having pictures of the affair. That was enough to make the dean cave in. He agreed to let Ryan come back to Harbor School.

Marissa went to the fishing boat minutes before Ryan was about to leave, and told him that she thought he was a coward for leaving. She compared him to her father, who also left on a boat and how leaving town never helped his problems.

As usual, Marissa is at the diner when Summer and Seth join her. None other than the cowardly fisherman, Ryan Atwood walks through the door and the four are together again.

With Ryan back at Harbor, things will hopefully start being more like they used to be…if only Marissa doesn’t get all shady and start spending more time with Johnny like the previews suggested.

The previews also showed Julie and Charlotte asking Kirsten to help them throw some charity benefit. Does Julie know Charlotte’s evil money hungry plans or is she just being used as well?

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