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Sunday, October 30, 2005

What's Next for The OC?

The OC took a break for the entire month of October, which was totally unnecessary since the Yankees unfortunately did not make it to the World Series. What will happen this week when they cast is back in action???

Adam Brody (Seth Cohen) and Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts) are dating both onscreen and off-screen. On The OC, their major challenge will most likely be staying in school since Dean Hess is trying so hard to get them kicked out along with their friends, Marissa and Ryan. Dean Hess will probably ease off Seth and Summer now that he has his own butt to save. At “The End of Summer” dance we found out he is having “relations” with Taylor Townsend, the snooty Social Chair.

Marissa’s drama will probably be equally split between her shattered home life and her new school, new friends, and new enemies. Her mom, Julie, is now broke and living in a crappy motel, and for the first time in the TV show, people (including myself) actually feel bad for the woman. As for Marissa, her new group of friends has many parallels to the old crowd (Seth, Summer and Ryan.) Does this mean she doesn’t have room for both groups? I hope she doesn’t screw things up with Ryan, but who knows what will happen with them. I must say though, her new friend Chili is hilarious, and I wish I had a Chili to make stupid comments at all the right moments when I need a good laugh.

Maybe Sandy and Kirsten will have some drama this week...things have been normal for them for at least two episodes now, so they are probably due for something to go wrong. What about college? Shouldn't all these kids start looking at schools...or are they all going to go the Orange County Community College together and keep the show going?

I have a feeling the end of Charlotte is nowhere in sight. She may leave Kirsten alone, but I don’t think she will leave Newport along quite yet.

Finally, the long wait is almost over! The OC will be back this Thursday and my summary will be up Friday or Saturday.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mischa, Mischa, Mischa!

In response to Natalia’s question about Mischa Barton (Marissa Cooper) leaving The OC, I don’t know! I have tried to find information confirming or denying it, but mostly I can only find other Blogs and gossip-type websites, so the credibility is minimal.

A few of the articles I found were from late November of last year. Apparently, this is not the first time rumors have started about the loss of a major character on this show. Last year’s articles all claim that she considered leaving The OC to pursue a career in film, but 11 months later, she is still around, so those stories were obviously not true.

The more recent reports from this month surrounding Mischa Barton are in regards to a salary boost. All of a sudden, she decided she was the biggest star on the show and deserved more money. Much like “Friends” I don’t think anyone can claim they are the biggest star of The OC. The dynamic cast would be weaker without any one of the members, so they all play and equally important role in making The OC successful. On “Friends”, the actors agreed to all get paid the same amount and get raises at the same time, so no matter whom your favorite Friend may be, they all made $1 Million per person, per episode by the end of their decade-long run.

Gossip columns have been busy writing about Mischa’s personal life as a major cause for her recent salary demands. Her last boyfriend, Brandon Davis was a very wealthy heir to an oil fortune. He would spend a lot of money on her, and she never had to pay for anything. Now she is dating Cisco Adler, who is apparently a broke musician. Some tabloids blame this relationship for the problems on The OC regarding money. Mischa ends up footing the bill rather often for her and her man, so maybe she needs the raise to support this guy?

Personally, I think she can do better than some grungy, poor dude that looks like Kevin Federline…but who am I to judge.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Everyone's Favorite Nerdy Guy

Seth Cohen is everyone's favorit quirky, awkward and funny character on The OC. Actor Adam Brody, who plays Seth, isn't so different from the character in many ways.

Adam was born and raised in San Diego, CA and enjoyed surfing. When it was time for college, he moved to LA and hired an acting coach instead. Starting with the lead role in a TV mini-series about The Brady Bunch, Adam found his niche. The next few years were filled with guest spots on nearly a dozen popular TV shows, and then The OC scooped him up as Seth Cohen. The now-24-year-old relates to Seth with their mutual love of the same music (emo and indie) and of course, comic books. X-Men is Adam's Favorite.

The other similarity between Seth and Adam is that they are dating the same girl! On The OC, Seth Cohen has crushed on Summer Roberts for years, and finally in High School, they finally started dating. In real life, Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson (Summer) are also dating. They met on the show, and have been dating for a over a year. I found a website that said they were ENGAGED...I hadn't heard that before, but maybe Im just wayyy behind on my celeb gossip.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Man Behind the Tough Guy

The OC's Ryan Atwood is played by Benjamin McKenzie...but do you know the real Ben? Well, I did a little digging on him. Im sure every week when you see Ryan stand next to Marissa, you or one of your friends comments on how short he is or that he is wearing heels (his work boots have got a good 2 inches on them). Well, the actor is 5 feet, 8.5inches. Who says .5?? Oh yea, short people. Im one of them. I was damn proud of my 1/4 inch when i was younger...I was shorted than some of my friends, but i was 5'2 AND A QUARTER. Now Im 5'6, so I cant compain anymore.

Anyways, Ben was born and raised in Texas. He went to the same High School as President Bush's twin daughters, and graduated a few years ahead of them. His real name is Benjamin McKenzie Schenkkan. When he began acting, he wanted to register with the Screen Actors Guild but there was already a Ben with a similar last name. He went to college at the University of Virginia and graduated with 2 degrees in 2001...and I assumed he was just a Hollywood bum that skipped out on school to persue his dream of acting. After a few years of acting in NY, he moved to LA and thats when The OC scooped him up as their main guy.

Ben makes between $15,000 and $25,000 each episode on The OC.

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