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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Locked in a Gym with Taylor Townsend?

I was supposed to tape The OC for my brother, and I did, but then I accidentally taped over it the next day, so this is for you, Daniel.

The show started off with Marissa waking up in a panic because she was having nightmares about Trey, and the night of the shooting last season. She called Ryan but he wasn’t as supportive as she had hoped, and in the morning when she talked to Summer about it all, Summer told Marissa “I’m here for you”, and that was all Marissa needed to hear. She only wished Ryan had said those same words.

Ryan is back at Harbor and the awesome Taylor Townsend organized a Lock-in for the senior class. Its mandatory, so all other events including Seth sawing his arm off (his excuse for not being able to attend the lock-in) will have to be put on hold.

Over at Newport Union, Marissa’s new friends are excited about the good surfing this weekend. They plan an all night party to prepare for the big waves. Marissa meets the boys down at the beach and wishes she knew how to surf when she sees how much fun they are having. Johnny and Marissa go for a walk and realize they have a lot to talk about. Johnny’s dad was an abusive drunk and they haven’t talked in a few years. Casey sees them talking and obviously assumes the worst case scenario.

Seth overhears Taylor Townsend and her mother fighting outside the school gym, and the mom is horribly rude, almost making me feel sorry for Taylor.

Julie and new roommate, Charlotte, decide a black tie charity event would put them back on the social map in Newport, so they start talking about it and approach Kirsten about getting her help. She doesn’t think she’s ready for the party scene again, but is convinced to do it anyway.

Johnny and Marissa are getting too close for Summer’s idea of friends, and calls Ryan to come out to the Dawn Patrol party. By the time he gets there, Johnny is spending time with Casey, his girlfriend, and Summer apologizes for over reacting. Johnny comes out of Chili’s room and catches Casey making out with his rival-surfer, Volchok, and Casey runs away.

Julie and Charlotte enjoy a nice dinner at a Newport restaurant and when its time to pay, Julie assumes the honor of paying with Charlotte’s credit card. She was surprised to find numerous drivers licenses and credit cards all with her face, but some had different names. She pays with cash then asks Charlotte “who the hell are you?” when she returns from her phone call.

Taylor gets boo-ed at the lock-in by her entire senior class, and Seth comes to her rescue by taking over the microphone. He still gets made fun of, and boo-ed but he can handle it. Taylor starts to like Seth, and says she can make sure his friends get signed in, even though they did not make it on time (Summer and Ryan are still at the Dawn Patrol party).

Johnny and Volchok almost fight on the beach, but Ryan steps in and don’t allow it. Instead he throws a punch and they are out of there. Johnny and Ryan go to the diner, and Marissa drives Summer to the Lock-in. Summer pounds on the door and Taylor is about to answer it, but when she realizes that locking out Summer, she gets Seth all to herself for the night, she decides to “not be able to hear” through the door.

I’m pretty sick of the fighting, but I’m sure there will be another fight next week with all those boys throwing punches over the girls. I am curious as to how the Taylor and Seth thing played out at that lock-in and I can’t wait to see what Julie and Charlotte do with their “charity” money.


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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 17, 2005 2:09 PM  

  • Oh Taylor Townsend. When I heard her talk about a lock-in I was like you've got to be kidding, and then you see how her mom treats her, and I really did feel badly for her. Although, when she said that Taylor was only doing the lock-in so that she wouldn't have to stay home, I kinda laughed. So Seth is nice to her, because it's what he does. For Taylor though to take that niceness to a ridiculous level and not let Summer into the gym is a little ridiculous.
    I agree that the fighting needs to stop. Ryan, do you want to go back to jail? I do hope he starts to really listen to Marissa though.
    One other thing, since Seth was Prom King last year and is dating Summer who seems pretty popular and is best friends with Marissa who is basically the Social queen, don't you think people would not pick on him as much?

    By Blogger Tara Raphael, at November 18, 2005 4:13 PM  

  • Okay so I was really starting to think that Marissa was going to cheat on Ryan was Johnny but I am really starting to like him and think he’s a good guy. It is a little weird how he seems to be a combination of Ryan’s and Marissa’s personalities and pasts, yet he is the one bringing them apart. As for Taylor – I don’t know why Seth stood up for someone who pretty much ripped apart the senior year of the character on the show who can least deal with change, but I don’t blame her for trying to make a move in on him since she hates Summer anyway and he seems to be the first guy to every be nice to her (besides her creepy, now gone dean boyfriend).

    By Blogger Shayna, at November 22, 2005 12:14 AM  

  • I thought it was a little ridiculous for Casey to get so mad that she caught Marissa with her hand rubbing on Johnny's back. I guess she could feel that Johnny was starting to get a little crush on Marissa but it's not like she caught them kissing or something. She took it to the extreme when she tried to get with that boy at the party- which is basically what started all that drama with Ryan getting into another fight. So I blame Casey for all of that! I was a little disappointed in Marissa when she missed out on Seth's family dinner to go surfing with Johnny and his friends. Ryan is a great boyfriend to her and I don't think Johnny can do anything for her.

    By Blogger Jennifer, at November 22, 2005 11:41 PM  

  • First of all, I don’t think Marissa deserves as much support from Ryan as she thinks she does. She is always caught up in her own world every time he has a problem. As for Johnny and Marissa, I thought it was very convenient that they had so much in common. I think that Casey had every right to assume the worst because their attraction to each other has been obvious.

    When Julie found all those drivers licensees in Charlotte’s wallet I couldn’t help but feel incredibly happy. I knew she was up to something, but I really didn’t expect all that.

    I actually started feeling sorry for Taylor because of her mom and the boo-ing, which is odd because I really hate her character. For some reason she had me fooled in the beginning of the episode and I actually thought she might have a heart. Of course she proved to be the evil witch that she is. Not only did she lie to Seth about letting his friends in, but she is also trying to steal him away from Summer. Like I stated before I love Seth and Summer together, if he gets with Taylor I am going to be furious.

    By Blogger Natalia B, at November 23, 2005 2:17 PM  

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