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Friday, September 30, 2005

"The Last Waltz"

Thanks everyone for writing nice things about my OC posts! I was thinking they were rather lengthy and over-detailed, but if I’m your emergency OC fix for when the VCR fails or what not, I don’t want to let you down. Ill try to keep the summaries equally as thorough but hopefully a little shorter from now on though…

OK. So this week’s episode started out with Marissa’s first day at her new school. Ryan, Seth and Summer drive her to school since apparently her car has been taken away in the Cooper-Nichol’s new found state of poorness. Oddly enough, even though this school is also in Newport, it is a world away from The Harbor School. As Marissa walked into school, a girl said “Check out Newport Barbie”…and I don’t think she meant it as a compliment.

Back at the much classier Harbor School, Summer is working away at being the best social chair she can be. Dean Hess is still on Seth’s case to give up his accomplice in the Tiki-hut-borrowing-incident. Until he does, Seth gets more than just detention; he gets to clean the boys’ locker room. Such an expensive private school and the alleged delinquents end up doing the janitors work.

Sandy finds Ryan a well-qualified tutor to home school him. Ryan suggests he go to Newport Union since he has already experienced public schools, and it would not be a problem. Sandy knows it’s not about the expensive tutor, but about spending time with Marissa and doesn’t go for the idea.

Kirsten is doing well on her own two feet back at home, and even started an herb garden to deal with her fear of cooking. Julie on the other hand, is losing her footing as the season goes along. A man comes to her door and tells her that she and her personal belongings must be out of the house in 48 hours. The house and the furniture will be used to repay Caleb’s debt.

At Newport Union, Marissa accidentally bumps into a girl in the hall. The girl, Heather, is rude and kind of scary. The only positive thing about this meeting is that Casey, another girl at this new school, came over to defend Marissa, and seemed to be Marissa’s first friend at the new school. The first friendly advice she shares with Marissa is to ease off the designer accessories; it will definitely help her fit in a little better. Later in the day Marissa meets Johnny, when she tries opening his locker instead of her own. Turns out, Johnny and Casey are dating and they have a Seth-like friend named Dennis “Chili” Childress who hangs out with their crowd. This new little group of friends invites her out for a bite to eat after school, which messes up her plans with Ryan but at least she’s meeting new people.

Taylor gives Summer a sob story about having no friends, and nobody to sign her yearbook, and gets to help out with the End of Summer Dance that the school is having.

Julie tells Marissa that they put the house on the market and she should stay with Summer for a few days. Marissa knows that’s not the full story and tells Julie she doesn’t have to protect her. Summer picks Marissa up and takes her back to the Roberts mansion. I think this is the first time they showed Summer’s house. It’s rather insanely large and beautiful. Marissa calls Ryan and apologizes for forgetting about breakfast with him at the pier. Ryan understands since she has had a lot to deal with lately, but at the same time gets that contemplative Atwood look on his face where you think he’s conjuring up a plan to find out more about a situation.

The doorbell rings at the Cohen’s and Kirsten answers to find a delivery guy with a beautiful arrangement of flowers. She reads the card and smiles, but didn’t give away who they were from. Soon, Charlotte calls and Kirsten thanks her for the flowers. Charlotte is sitting in a hotel room, but says she’s looking out at the lake and wishing Kirsten was there. Charlotte will be in Kirsten’s area tomorrow and sets up a lunch date at the yacht club. After the phone call, none other than the flower delivery guy comes out of the bathroom and kisses Charlotte.

Back at The Harbor School, Taylor runs up to Summer and tells her she overheard Dean Hess talking to Dr. Kim in the teachers lounge. She said that if Dean Hess didn’t find out who helped Seth with the Tiki Hut Heist, Cohen would be suspended. Summer goes to the Dean’s office and takes all the blame. Dean Hess says that someone with that sort of record shouldn’t be the Social Chair. Sarcastically, Summer says “who would take over, Taylor Townsend?” Dean Hess says “that’s a good idea; Ill let the committee know you suggested her.” Summer confronts Taylor in the hall later that day and lets her know their war is not over.

Sandy tells Kirsten that the Newport Group is having money problems since Caleb’s passing and they have two choices. He lets her know he is behind her no matter what she decides to do, then tells her that they can either try and save the Newport Group or liquidate its assets and let it go. Kirsten chooses to let it go. They are financially stable without it, and it would probably be more stress than any Cohen needs.

Julie asks Sandy for a loan from the Newport Group, and Sandy tells her that’s illegal, but there’s no money for that anyways. He offers Kirsten and his own money to help her out, but she says that’s not necessary and brushes it off as just needing it for a down payment on some amazing beachfront home. Sandy doesn’t know Julie is completely broke.

Newport Union has a school dance coming up and Johnny tells Marissa she should come. While they are talking, the bitchy Heather comes over and apologizes for being mean in the hall the other day. It seems things could actually turn out well for a change, and then Heather says really loud “Oh, so you’re not gonna shoot me?” Marissa runs away crying and Johnny follows to comfort her. While they are talking Ryan pulls up and sees them. He misjudges the situation and embarrasses Marissa when he tries to step in the middle.

Ryan goes home and tells Seth that Marissa is mad at him since he screwed up. Seth starts to walk away and Ryan asks what he is supposed to do about it. “Call, apologize…it’s not rocket science. God, home schooled kids are pathetic.”

While Marissa and Summer sit by the pool of the hotel-like home, Ryan calls to apologize but Marissa apologizes first. She also says she’s doing homework tonight and can’t go out.

Charlotte and Kirsten have their lunch meeting. Charlotte tells Kirsten she wants to make a place where women can go between rehab and the real world just like they did at the lake house. Kirsten agrees that would be wonderful. They talk about making this a reality and Charlotte asks Kirsten for a few million dollars. Kirsten tells her she doesn’t have that kind of money, which foils Charlotte’s entire plan.

Julie Cooper-Nichol gets evicted and has to move her personal belonging out while movers take anything of value to repay Caleb’s debt. She goes to a cheap hotel and starts to cry. This is probably the first time in the entire series of The OC that I felt bad for her. She is helpless, alone and poor. Ouch.

Johnny, Casey and Chili come to Summer’s house to pick up Marissa for the dance. She says she wasn’t planning on going, but they convince her. She goes to get ready for the dance while they wait on the front stoop. Either it took two hours to change her shirt or someone didn’t catch it in editing, but it went from middle of the day sunny to complete darkness. Hmmm.

Ryan and Seth roll up in the Range Rover just as Marissa is leaving with her new friends. Seth goes inside to let Summer know he’s ready for their dance, and Ryan talks to Marissa. She really needs to go to make friends and let people know she’s normal. If she doesn’t show up, people will talk about her.

Little did Marissa know, even if she did show up, the mean girls would talk. When the four of them walked in, Heather started pointing at her and laughing with all her grungy friends. Marissa runs away again and Johnny, Casey and Chili go to console her. Chili is definitely the Seth Cohen of Newport Union. His stupid comments could cheer anyone up.

At the “End of Summer” Dance at Harbor, Seth and Summer walk in to one of the coolest high school dances I’ve seen. Summer asks if she did as well as Marissa and Seth said “it’s like you brought the beach to us…you’re my little tsunami.” Taylor gets on stage and thanks everyone for coming, then takes the credit for making this whole dance possible. Then, she says one other person had a huge part in all this. She brings Dean Hess on stage to share the glory with her and Summer is fuming. Taylor says “This really is the End of Summer.”

Charlotte tells her guy friend about Kirsten turning out to be less wealthy than she thought. He told her he knew it was a bad idea to spend thirty grand on rehab just to find a millionaire. Charlotte tells him they will find a way and they make out on the bed.

Kirsten second guesses herself on the decision to shut down the Newport Group, and tells Sandy she’s not sure if she made the right decision. Stupid Charlotte put that idea in her head. Kirsten runs out saying she forgot oregano for the dinner recipe, and is gone for some time. Sandy finds her at the office looking at old pictures. He reminds her they don’t have to sell the company, but Kirsten tells him she just had to say goodbye. Sandy, being the awesome husband he is, packed a picnic lunch and surprised Kirsten with it at the office.

Ryan talks to Seth and gets the idea to go check on Marissa at her dance. Seth realizes he put this bad idea in his head and meets him at the school. Summer wonders where Cohen went and calls his cell phone. She refers to him as Cohizzle, which I think is the stupidest word that has ever come out of her mouth and I hope she doesn’t say that again. As she finishes leaving Cohen a voicemail, she sees Taylor shadily sneak behind the curtains. Summer follows her and catches her making out with someone but the other person is strategically hidden behind a door. After a few moments, Taylor takes a step back and her make out buddy comes in front of the window. Surprise, surprise. It is Dean Hess. Summer goes back to the dance conveniently as Seth returns from Newport Union and they dance together. She wants to tell him what she saw, but Taylor is close by.

Ryan returns to his pool house and Marissa is sitting on his bed waiting for him. She says that going to the dance was really important to her, and she’s glad he is so understanding. She says the next song that comes on the radio will be their song. Obviously, after a comment like that, the first song to come on will most likely be raunchy and/or inappropriate. They changed the song, and the next one was a much better choice. Youth Group’s remake of a Bob Dylan classic started playing while Ryan and Marissa slow danced in the moonlit night.

OC fans everywhere don’t want to see these dynamic duos break apart and go to college. We all wish they would stay forever young.

Sorry, I know I said I would try to make the recap shorter this time, but it’s really long. If you actually read as far to see this, that’s awesome. Thank you!


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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 30, 2005 8:00 PM  

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 02, 2005 11:34 AM  

  • I understand that Marissa wants to make new friends at her school and everything but I do not get why she doesn’t introduce Ryan to them. When he showed up at her house, she didn’t even bother to bring him over to the car and introduce him to her new friends. He is hot I would want to show him off! Hopefully next week there will be some more interaction between the new friends and Ryan and hopefully it won’t be in a bad way.

    My roommates and I (and I am sure a lot of other people) definitely knew that Taylor and the new dean were sooo hooking up. We were like we knew it when we saw them making out! I hope that Seth and Summer are able to catch him in the act and get rid of him because he needs to go! Taylor needs to go away too; she is such a conniving bitch and I can’t stand her!

    By Blogger Courtney, at October 03, 2005 12:19 AM  

  • I just want to start off by first talking about Marissa. I do not really like her being at her new school, Newport Union . I don't really like the people that go there, however she does seem to have a nice little group of friends, but you never know, they may turn out to not be so nice. Also, i want Marissa and Ryan to be okay because i think they are the cutest couple but i think Marissa is kind of blowing Ryan off. I feel as though Ryan is a little over protective but he just really cares about Marissa and doesn't want anyone to hurt her. Now back at Harbor School, Summer did a great job at planning the school dance, but Taylor took all the credit with the Dean. I knew that those two were hooking up the whole time. I wish Summer had her camera out and took a picture of the two hooking up. That girl Taylor really bothers me. She was trying to be nice to Summer and then turned on her right away by saying that Seth was going to get suspended, in which he never was. I also want to say that i am so happy Kirsten and Sandy are back to their normal and happy ways, they are so cute. However, i do not like that Charlotte is back into the picture. I just can not wait until Kirsten finds out how Charlotte really is because i hate how she as no idea yet. One last thing i want to say is that i feel bad for Julie Cooper-Nichol in a way, but then again i think about how she always took everything for advantage and now she is realizing what it feels like to have nothing or no one.

    By Blogger Danielle, at October 03, 2005 5:41 PM  

  • I feel really bad for Ryan. It seems like Marissa is leaving him out. I don't understand why she doesn't just introduce him to her new friends. Granted he freaked out a little when she was crying, but he thought it was Johnny's fault. Anyway, me and my friends think that Johnny and Marissa are going to hook up. She is an idiot if she does becuase his girlfriend is so nice to her.
    Anyway the dean is a jerk and such a scumbag. I really hope taylor and him both get it. I would really like to see her miserable!
    As for Kirsten’s friend, I knew she was up to no good. She was just acting a little too weird in the last episode to make us believe that she was just being a friend.
    As for Julie, she really deserves everything that is coming to her. She has been a bad wife and mother. Well actually she is just a selfish and spiteful person to everyone. The only thing is, Marissa doesn’t deserve to go through all of this. She has had to overcome enough battles last season, give her a break!

    By Blogger Natalia B, at October 03, 2005 6:35 PM  

  • First off, I totally called that Taylor and Dean Hess last week.. haha... I'm happy Marissa has found friends at her new school, although I do think it's a little odd how quickly they have taken in this "outsider." She should introduce Ryan to them, especially when there was the awkwardness outside of Summer's house. Ryan and Marissa need to actually talk to each other and stop apologizing all the time. I'm happy Kirsten is putting the Newport Group behind her and maybe Charlotte will take a hint to leave the Cohens alone. Seth and Summer are still my favorite couple. Charlotte and Taylor need to go and leave us with our great couples of Orange County!

    By Blogger Tara Raphael, at October 03, 2005 6:58 PM  

  • As always your posts are AMAZING!! And while I could definitely see the whole Dean Hess and Taylor thing was predictable, I am not complaining- it's good. Remember how good it was when Pacey had an affair with that teacher back in the day on Dawson's Creek. You know what DID catch me off-guard though? The whole Charlotte thing... I mean, we could all tell from the very beginning how odd she was and that something was going to be up. But I for one didn't guess that. I thought she was going to try to steal Kirsten's family or something, and while the whole money stealing thing could have been very obvious, I didn't think of the scheme or how it's presented. For once- thanks Josh Schwartz!

    By Blogger Shayna, at October 03, 2005 8:35 PM  

  • Great recap of the show! First of all I have to agree with Danielle by saying that I don't like Marissa's new school. Her new group of friends seem nice but does anyone else seem the similarities the Union kids have with Seth, Summer, and Ryan? Of course, you have the funny kid for comic relief, the pretty girl, and the sensitive tough guy.
    I'm glad the whole Taylor and Dean Hess issue is finally out in the open. I can only hope that Summer and Seth have a good blackmail scheme up their sleeves.
    I was also a little disappointed with the Charlotte plot. The whole money issue is already old and it's been done with Marissa's dad twice now. I guess the writers are starting to run out of ideas since they have covered almost everything that could possibly happen in only two years.
    Oh well, I still love the show and I can't believe it's not back on until November 3rd.

    By Blogger Amy, at October 06, 2005 3:59 PM  

  • Hi it's me again! I was checking your blog in hopes of another post. Unfortunately I forgot that the OC wasn't on last week, what a let down! It is so ridiculous, the show practically just started and I waited so anxiously for the season to start; and now this! I don't think that it is coming on this coming Thursday either, but I am not quite sure. It seems like this always happens. There is either a sporting event, the president speaking or some other "important" event that puts a two or three week pause on the show! It drives me crazy. I sit here even more annoyed because I watch Desperate Housewives on Sunday nights and of course that isn't on due to baseball. By the time the next OC episode comes back on I will have forgotten what happened on the episode that just aired. Thank goodness for your blog!

    By Blogger Natalia B, at October 09, 2005 9:34 PM  

  • I made a mistake in the last comment I posted. Desperate Housewives is on tonight and I missed 45 minutes of it because I thought it wasn't on. I checked FOX instead of ABC. I guess I had OC on the brain.

    By Blogger Natalia B, at October 09, 2005 9:53 PM  

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 12, 2005 10:04 PM  

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    By Blogger The Real Estate Answer Man, at October 14, 2005 8:07 AM  

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    By Blogger Link Popularity, at October 17, 2005 3:50 PM  

  • I really can't believe that the O.C. will not be back until November 3rd. I know that it's baseball season, but to have a couple of episodes and then not one for weeks really disappoints a lot of fans. Also this week, October 20th there are 2 episodes of Reunion on and no O.C. I really want to know what's going to be happening for the rest of the season with the Dean, Marissa at her new school, and if Ryan and Marissa can possibly make it through an entire season!?! Looking foward to all the gossip that Nov. 3rd brings!

    By Blogger Tara Raphael, at October 19, 2005 6:58 PM  

  • Hello again! It seems like forever since the last episode of the OC and to think we still have two more weeks, what a disappointment.
    I decided to post a comment because I came across some interesting gossip and I didn't know if anyone knew anything about it. I read that the actors in the show all make below $100,000 an episode and Mischa Barton asked for a raise that surpassed the $100,000 mark. It was reported that if the producers did not agree to this she would leave because there was an offer elsewhere. The article didn't go into detail about the other offer or the producers' reactions. Apparently she said that she is the main character of the show, with the most fan appreciation and fame.
    If this is true, I don't know where I stand because she is an important character, but everyone together makes that show what it is. I think her comment makes it sound like all the popularity of the show has gone to her head. Have you heard anything about this? If so, what do you think?

    By Blogger Natalia B, at October 24, 2005 11:32 AM  

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